i4MaskS is the product of an Italian design patented by Mauro Nobile, designer and manufacturer of accessories and clothing in the luxury fashion sector, 100% handmade in Italy.
A mask, for adults and children, born with the intention to put the spotlight on an innovative Fashion article, which would adapt to the requests of the great changes that are inevitably affecting and influencing Fashion and habits in this historical moment.

i4MaskS enhances the beauty of the face of whoever wears it, making the smile the main protagonist. Conceived with the idea of creating a Fashion item that could satisfy the necessity of those who need to read the lip to communicate and, at the same time, preserve themselves and others from possible contact with the emitted saliva particles in the air.
For this reason we wanted to create a mask that, thanks to the refined quality of each single component with which it was assembled, allows, through the transparent part that supports the structure of the mask and, in use, maintains the right distance from the mouth, to never hide the lips and Give Smiles, allowing anyone to talk without feeling excluded and isolated.

It is a filter mask for the exclusive use of the community that does not constitute a medical device (DM) and / or PPE and therefore the use of health or in work environments is excluded without respecting the interpersonal safety distance. Produced for the purposes of Article 16 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree March 17, 2020 No. 18.

In this situation we found an unknown enemy among us who did not knock on our door, entered, arrogant, and asked us to stop, to stay at home, imposed physical distance, social isolation.
But in these circumstances, there is a part of the population that has experienced this isolation with greater difficulties than others: it is people with hearing disabilities who have exploited the acquired ability to read their lips to communicate with others, overcoming the obstacles of one's deafness but which suddenly found itself without the suitable means to communicate since, today, the obligatory use of conventional masks for everyone has obscured their mouth, arrogantly excluding them from communication between people.
i4MaskS was born with the intention of being a device which provides all the suitable tools to be able to communicate without excluding anyone, at the same time preserving one's own and others' health.
Wearing i4MaskS means respect and union towards everyone, not just for deaf, in a reality where a mask disguises itself as a fashion accessory, giving smiles, solidarity and more humanity, without excluding anyone from speaking with others.
And then we always remember that the smile is the most beautiful gift you can give to those people in front of you, so ... why keep it hidden?

#Give a smile…. because Smiling is contagious


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